wrap munmap to prevent unwanted unmaps
[ginge.git] / loader / Makefile
2016-01-05 notazdon't strip, it's not useful in the age of huge SD...
2015-11-14 notazfix controls regression on _dyn
2015-11-08 notazbetter port to newer libpicofe
2011-02-12 notazloader: try to make input generic, with caanoo support
2010-08-18 notaztag all pnd/wiz binaries
2010-07-31 notazwiz blitters, fb restore, tweaks
2010-07-29 notazwiz port. Lots of refactoring, some bugfixes
2010-07-28 notazwip, thread support and timer
2010-07-28 notazwip, some dynamic stuff works
2010-07-28 notazwip, fb sync thread
2010-07-28 notazupdate build, use common fb code
2010-07-28 notazmore blitter, doukutsu fully playable on pnd
2010-07-28 notazadd preliminary blitter; fb, input handling
2010-07-28 notazsegfault handler, op parser