2015-11-28 notazminor fixes master github/master
2015-11-21 notaztranslate: tune float i/o, indirect tailcalls
2015-11-20 notazimm funcs
2015-11-19 notaztranslate: improve call arg collection
2015-11-19 notaztranslate: fabs, another prologue, one va_arg
2015-11-19 notaztranslate: add fptr-arg checking
2015-11-19 notaztranslate: fixes for pop scan
2015-11-19 notaztranslate: fixes
2015-11-14 notaztranslate: detect funcs which get their address taken
2015-11-14 notazplugin: more aggressive name change to avoid conflicts
2015-11-08 notazcvt_data: zero out import tables
2015-11-08 notaztranslate: ignore attrs from skipped funcs
2015-11-07 notaznew header tool
2015-11-07 notazhandle stuff, add funcs
2015-11-03 notazvarious additions
2015-11-01 notaztranslate: handle yet another prologue/epilogue
2015-10-25 notazminor fixes, winsvc api
2015-10-24 notaztranslate: more heuristics and checks for func returns
2015-10-24 notaztranslate: don't overpromote to fastcall
2015-10-24 notaztranslate: avoid dupe work
2015-10-23 notazcvt_data: allow fastcall compatible funcs
2015-10-18 notazmore apis
2015-10-18 notaztranslate: some fixes
2015-10-18 notaztranslate: support for data imports
2015-10-17 notazmore snd apis
2015-10-17 notaztranslate: seh finalize handler
2015-10-16 notaztranslate: some float arg handling
2015-10-16 notazplugin: don't rename stdcall names
2015-10-13 notazsome 64bit arg handling
2015-10-11 notaztranslate: more float
2015-10-11 notaztranslate: more seh removal
2015-10-06 notazapi for fog
2015-10-06 notaztranslate: seh removal
2015-10-05 notaztranslate: more float stuff
2015-10-05 notaztranslate: handle yet more things
2015-10-03 notaztools: better fastcall support
2015-09-30 notazget rid of some duplication
2015-09-28 notaztranslate: more cases
2015-09-28 notaztranslate: handle more noreturn cases
2015-09-18 notazmore 32bit fixes
2015-09-18 notazfix non-cross compile
2015-09-17 notaz32bit fixes
2015-09-17 notaztranslate: more noreturn cases, neg flags
2015-06-28 notaztranslate: fix an issue with ebp arg
2015-06-28 notaztranslate: add ref hint, document others
2015-06-20 notazcvt_data: fix escape chars
2015-05-10 notaztranslate: allow negative offsets on indexed stack...
2015-05-03 notaztranslate: minor fixes
2015-05-01 notazyet more APIs
2015-05-01 notaztranslate: misc fixes and additions
2015-05-01 notaztranslate: support more dereference types
2015-04-28 notaztranslate: fix several rep cmps/scas bugs
2015-04-28 notaztranslate: handle float arg frame
2015-04-27 notaztranslate: fcom and more
2015-04-25 notaztranslate: bswap, allsh* and some tweaks
2015-04-25 notaztranslate: float: stack mode and some more ops
2015-04-24 notaztranslate: more float ops
2015-04-24 notazfix tests
2015-04-24 notazcmpmrg_text: allow mixed align insns
2015-04-24 notazplugin: various tweaks
2015-04-19 notazplugin: add hints on 'jmp $5' for translate
2015-04-18 notaztranslate: func ref checking from .data
2015-04-17 notaztranslate: add an attr for regs that fail to be traced
2015-04-13 notaztranslate: fixes for call reg tracking
2015-04-13 notaztranslate: add custom stack-clear attribute
2015-04-12 notazminor fixes
2015-04-07 notazmove notes to better place, update them
2015-04-07 notaztranslate: check xrefs before adding to header
2015-04-07 notazadjust for newer mingw
2015-04-05 notaztranslate: initial struct parsing for member calls
2015-04-04 notaztranslate: initial float support
2015-04-04 notaztranslate: improve cast simplification
2015-04-01 notaztranslate: some bugfixes
2015-03-31 notazmore APIs
2015-03-30 notaztranslate: random fixes, 16bit div
2015-03-28 notazstart some tests
2015-03-28 notaztranslate: rework register tracking
2015-03-26 notaztranslate: push/pop corner cases
2015-03-26 notaztranslate: deal with and 0 / or ~0
2015-03-22 notaztranslate: few more ops and corner cases
2015-03-22 notaztranslate: yet more work on sp tracking
2015-03-21 notazstdc: some stuff for d1 (and some extra)
2015-03-20 notazrun_imp: allow to specify mingw
2015-03-20 notazplugin: new simple findptr plugin
2015-03-19 notaztranslate: stop data parse on imports
2015-03-19 notazmore stuff for d1ui
2015-03-19 notazprotoparse: improve ret guessing
2015-03-19 notaztranslate: improve epilogue search, clear with and op
2015-03-18 notaztranslate: eliminate some useless func ptr reads
2015-03-15 notaztranslate: handle more push/pop pair cases
2015-03-15 notazstdc: more funcs for d1ui
2015-03-15 notaztranslate: simplify seed passthrough
2015-03-15 notaztranslate: don't warn about skipped ops
2015-03-15 notaztranslate: output complex headers from seed
2015-03-15 notaztranslate: improve esp adjust yet more
2015-03-14 notaztranslate: add some help text
2015-03-14 notaztranslate: many improvements for header gen
2015-03-09 notaztranslate: use separate removed and done flags
2015-03-09 notaztranslate: hdrgen: detect strings, skip std funcs
2015-03-09 notaztranslate: improve arg collect