2012-06-28 notazsome launcher script tweaks master
2012-06-18 notazupdate readme
2012-06-16 notazadditional build hacks for the big-hacks-patch r5
2012-06-16 notazenable cyanogenmod stuff
2012-06-15 notazswitch to alsa.omap3 module
2012-06-15 notazupdate the big hacks patch for CM
2012-06-15 notazadd keymaps
2012-06-15 notazrecreate rootfs on ver change, link gralloc
2012-06-15 notazadd config overlay
2012-06-15 notazupdates for CyanogenMod migration
2012-06-10 notazrename included apps so that market doesn't try upgrade...
2012-06-08 notazbuild hacks, r3 release r3
2012-06-08 notazmerge in OI distribution
2012-06-08 notazadd OI File Manager and AndroidSupportV2 used by it
2012-06-06 notazmove kill_android to apps
2012-06-06 notazadd OmapMMLib to fix compile
2012-06-06 notazadd basic build instructions
2012-06-06 notazrun_gingerbread: fix signal handling and exit r2
2012-06-06 notazinitial version r1