fix missing syms in ginge_dyn
[ginge.git] / loader / override.c
2016-01-10 notazfix missing syms in ginge_dyn
2016-01-10 notaztry to handle exec-gp2xmenu exit
2016-01-09 notazoverride self/exe
2016-01-09 notazget rid of some libc deps
2016-01-05 notazwrap munmap to prevent unwanted unmaps
2016-01-03 notaztake over /dev/tty too
2015-08-23 notazprepare for source release, relicense
2010-08-15 notazpnd release 3.
2010-07-31 notazwiz r1 relese
2010-07-29 notazwiz port. Lots of refactoring, some bugfixes
2010-07-28 notazwip, some dynamic stuff works