2013-04-22 DaveAdd copyright message to gles_video master github/master
2013-04-22 DaveAdd CFLAGS -I/opt/vc/include/interface/vmcs_host/linux
2013-03-19 Daveedit rpi.h
2013-03-07 Daveraspberry pi port
2012-10-06 notazu8/caanoo release
2012-10-06 notazinitial Caanoo port
2012-10-04 notazmake sound reinitable
2012-10-02 notazavoid forced menu bind, some config refactoring
2012-10-01 notazu8/pandora release
2012-10-01 notazintegrate M-HT's neon scalers
2012-09-17 notazmerge an assorment of calc84maniac's fixes.
2012-09-17 notazfix omap vram allocation (fixes tv-out)
2011-09-08 notazu7/pandora release
2011-09-07 notazfix goofed up L key
2011-09-07 notazhandle div by 0
2011-09-07 notazmake romdir saving not GP2X specific
2011-09-07 notazadd some game configs
2011-09-07 notazstore saves and configs in gpsp dir
2011-09-07 notazsupport multi-file zips, skipping irrelevant files
2011-09-07 notaztweak sound buffering and timing to better match pandor...
2011-09-07 notazget rid of -fno-common
2011-09-07 notazuse single literal pool in arm_stub
2011-09-07 notazmask off arguments for write hadlers
2011-09-05 notazfix unaligned read
2011-09-05 notazenable -Wall and fix warnings reported by it
2011-09-05 notazinitial pandora port, with hardware scaling and stuff
2011-09-04 notazrefactor GP2X stuff for pandora reuse
2011-09-04 notazunify non-psp synchronize(), fix a few sound issues
2011-09-04 notazdrc: fix eabi alignment
2011-09-02 notazmove warm too
2011-09-02 notazfix some warnings
2011-09-02 notazrevive PC build, support Linux
2011-09-02 notazget rid of GP2X_BUILD checks where they are not really...
2011-09-02 notazmove platform-independent stuff out of /gp2x.
2009-06-24 notazr6 release
2009-06-24 notazanother wARM update
2009-06-24 notazpollux_dpc_set integrated
2009-06-23 notazupdated to warm r2
2009-06-22 notazsw scaler for gp2x
2009-06-21 notazfixed clock and scaling config saving handling
2009-06-21 notazcache clean fix
2009-06-13 notazu5 release
2009-06-11 notazportrait mode asm
2009-06-08 notazu4 release
2009-06-07 notazadded warm lib
2009-06-07 notazlower auto fskip for wiz, it seems to be too agressive
2009-06-07 notazswitch to older compiler, it generates better code
2009-06-07 notazuse quad buffering, as emu sometimes runs ahead
2009-06-07 notazuse warm for cache control, avoid invalidating all...
2009-06-06 notazcpu clock setup, save rom dir, cleanups
2009-06-05 notazadded upscaler
2009-05-31 notazworking tripple buffering
2009-05-30 notazwiz port wip
2009-05-22 notazcleanup: remove cpu ctrl files, move tests
2009-05-21 notaztweaks from 2008 (gpsp09-2xb_3)
2009-05-21 notazcache (on framebuffer mem) flush fix from 2007 (gpsp09...
2009-05-21 notazrace condition fix from 2007 (gpsp09-2xb_1)
2009-05-21 notazfix build and clean up
2009-05-21 notazoriginal source from gpsp09-2xb_src.tar.bz2