2013-04-01 notazasm: fix incorrect offsets
2013-04-01 notazlibretro: enable gpu_neon
2013-04-01 notazpsx_gpu: support relative jumptables
2013-04-01 notazpsx_gpu: convert to UAL, load everything from context
2013-03-31 notazlibretro/ios: workaround clang segfault
2013-03-31 notazlibretro/ios: enable dynarec, update target names
2013-03-31 notazdrc: convert linkage_arm to UAL, adjust loads
2013-03-31 notazfix clang warnings
2013-03-31 notazdrc: use print wrapper to output errors
2013-03-31 notazgte_neon: access scratch_buf through drc context
2013-03-31 notazdrc: rework linkage_arm for better assembler compatibility
2013-03-31 notazstill adjusting asm for better as compatibility..
2013-03-31 almostalivetiny little android neon build fix
2013-03-25 notazlibretro: rework makefile
2013-03-25 notazasm: use a macro for functions
2013-03-25 notazcspace_neon: convert to .S
2013-03-25 notazgas-preprocessor: support .bss
2013-03-25 notazgte: be friendly to more assemblers
2013-03-25 notazuse gas-preprocessor for ios
2013-03-25 CatalystGAdd missing ifdef, move QNX RAM mapping closer to others
2013-03-25 CatalystGAdd support for PlayBook/BB10 with libretro
2013-03-25 twinaphexChanges to Makefile.libretro
2013-03-25 twinaphexDon't compile in null sound driver for libretro and add
2013-03-17 notazrelease r19 r19
2013-03-17 notazdrc: timing hacks
2013-03-17 notazspu: change sync again
2013-03-15 notazlibretro: support disk control interface
2013-03-15 notazfrontend/menu: clean up cht loader
2013-03-15 notazcdriso: handle no disk state better
2013-03-15 notazfrontend: sdl fixes
2013-03-15 notazfrontend: exit immediately on signals
2013-03-15 notazpsx_gpu: fix line mask test
2013-03-15 notazpsx_gpu: minor test fixes
2013-03-15 notazpsx_gpu: fix mask set in blend_blocks variant
2013-03-15 CatalystGFix PSX unmap issue causing crash on exit
2013-03-15 notazcdrom: stopping read should stop seek too
2013-03-15 notazcdrom: use single read/play cursor, handle cdlRead...
2013-03-15 notazpsxmem: handle io mirrors
2013-03-15 notazpsxbios: merge from pcsxr
2013-02-18 notazfrontend: maemo: some refactoring
2013-02-18 notazMerge pull request #12 from sakya/master
2013-02-17 Paolo IommariniFixed makefile (TSLIB)
2013-02-17 Paolo IommariniFixed maemo rules
2013-02-17 Paolo IommariniAdded debian_maemo to build the maemo package
2013-02-17 Paolo IommariniMaemo ehancement
2013-02-15 notazfrontend: pandora: adjust hugetlb allocation
2013-02-08 notazfrontend: add armv6 color space converter
2013-02-08 notazmove cspace back to frontend
2013-02-07 notazfrontend: check for xlib when it's needed
2013-02-06 notazdisable standalone pluign builds
2013-02-06 notazattempt to make gles plugin work under RPi
2013-02-04 notazfrontend: do all bpp handling in plugin_lib
2013-01-30 notazfrontend: change how exit is done
2013-01-28 notazlibretro: handle regions
2013-01-28 notazfrontend: don't set up profile paths without frontend
2013-01-28 notazange how no memcards are specified
2013-01-28 notazpsxmem: try to choose mem addresses more carefully
2013-01-28 notazfrontend: logging updates
2013-01-28 notazfrontend: path handling fix
2013-01-28 notazmerge minor fixes from pcsxr
2013-01-28 notazcdriso: merge cdda code from pcsxr
2013-01-18 notazpsxbios: handle u modifier
2013-01-18 notazcdrom: move more handling to cdrInterrupt
2013-01-18 notazcdrom: cleanup, support errors, improve timing
2013-01-18 notazcdrom: rewrite lid code
2013-01-13 notazcdrom: some swap cd tuning
2013-01-13 notazcdrom: remove stopping on TN
2013-01-13 notazcdrom: fix ID, again
2013-01-12 notazfrontend: save gamma too
2013-01-12 notazcdrom: set proper reset values
2013-01-12 notazcdriso: improve .toc handling
2013-01-11 notazcdrom: minor cleanup
2013-01-11 notazcdrom: fix ID
2013-01-06 notazrelease r18 r18
2013-01-06 notazfrontend: minor menu refactoring
2013-01-06 notazfrontend: get rid of _FILE_OFFSET_BITS
2013-01-06 notazfix irq status
2013-01-06 notazfully reinit drc on change
2013-01-06 notazgpus: handle list underflows better
2013-01-05 notazfrontend: filter more unneeded files in browser
2013-01-05 notazgpulib: update after open
2013-01-05 notazfrontend: don't update during reset
2013-01-05 notazfrontend: add layer height limit
2013-01-05 notazgpulib: limit height
2013-01-05 notazspu: fix decode offset
2013-01-05 notazspu: stop at address 0
2013-01-05 notazspu: check buffer state less often
2013-01-04 notazgpulib: fix frameskip cmd skipping
2013-01-03 notazignore case for cwcheat
2013-01-03 notazspu: also return on decoder irqs
2013-01-02 notazcdrom: implement attenuator/volume properly
2013-01-02 notazspu: fix decode buffers
2013-01-02 notazcdriso: handle file offsets better
2013-01-02 notazcdriso: simplify read code
2013-01-02 notazsbi: update according to Nocash doc
2013-01-02 notazcdrom: give up on cdda subq support
2013-01-02 notazcdrom: attempt to deal with broken subq :(
2013-01-02 notazcdriso: fix .cue file parsing
2013-01-02 notazcdrom: keep savestate compat
2013-01-02 notazcdrom: clean up subq handling