descriptionARM optimized PCSX fork
last changeSun, 11 Dec 2022 20:28:42 +0000 (22:28 +0200)
2022-12-11 notazcdrom: adjust a timing hack master github/master
2022-11-14 notazgpulib: allow commands to span list entries
2022-11-13 notazcdrom: forget old sector on cd change
2022-11-13 notazdma: add optional slow linked list walking
2022-11-12 notazcdrom: make the timing hack conditional
2022-11-12 notazcdriso: unbreak cdda for chd
2022-11-05 notazcdrom: don't report read too early
2022-11-03 notazspu: fix a wrong assumption
2022-11-03 notazcdriso: fix up chd for separated subq reads
2022-11-02 notazcdrom: change GetlocP handling
2022-11-01 notazcdrom: handle fifo overreads
2022-10-25 notazcdrom: add a timing hack
2022-10-22 notazcdrom: report read errors correctly
2022-10-22 notazpsxbios: use noninvasive print for -psxout
2022-10-15 notazgpulib: update gpuinfo
2022-10-15 notazmerge from libretro fork
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