2019-03-23 retro-wertzgte: backport fix for RTPS/RTPT
2019-03-12 notazMerge pull request #123 from gameblabla/diablofix_hack
2019-03-09 notazMerge pull request #124 from gameblabla/buildingfixes
2019-03-07 gameblablaFix for compiling it against newer zlib versions.
2019-03-07 gameblablaDiablo Music fix for PCSX Rearmed. (optional hack)
2019-02-19 notazMerge pull request #119 from gameblabla/piofix
2019-02-17 gameblablapsxmem: Reads of PIO Expansion area read all-ones.
2017-10-17 notazMerge pull request #98 from psyke83/master
2017-10-17 Conn O'GriofaRPI: add Mesa override & update vendor library names
2017-05-02 notazuse pc-relative offsets for PIC too
2016-09-30 notazdrc: fix a mistake from w^x change
2016-09-20 notazdrc: some vita and 3ds support
2016-09-20 notazdrc: avoid MAP_FIXED
2016-09-18 notazdrc: try to support w^x platforms like iOS
2016-09-18 notazdrc: remove unnecessary cache flushing
2016-09-18 notazdrc: enable and fix warnings
2016-09-18 notazdrc: mark things static
2016-09-18 notazdrc: strip eol blanks
2016-09-18 notazdrc: drop less obvious dead code
2016-09-18 notazdrc: drop heaps of dead code
2016-07-09 notazlibretro: try to prevent bad builds
2016-03-31 notazfix build on some archs
2016-03-31 notazdon't use __ARM_ARCH_7A__
2016-03-31 notazuse __ARM_ARCH
2016-03-05 notazlarge file support
2016-02-28 notazpsxmem: use rounding that's more likely to work
2016-02-28 notazdrc: handle any immediate
2016-01-07 notazmenu: fix input config for device names ending with...
2015-03-24 notazpsxmem: fix error handling
2015-02-14 gizmo98arm_features.h Add ARM architectures 8A and 6M
2015-02-05 notazlibretro: always use fixed samples per frame
2015-02-05 notazrelease r22 r22
2015-02-05 notazgpulib: remove unneeded hack
2015-02-05 notazdma: some timing hacks
2015-02-05 notazdma: do some madr updates
2015-02-03 notazgpu_unai: fix some 64bit issues
2015-02-03 notazfrontend: fix minor glitches on video mode changes
2015-02-02 notazfrontend: update libpicofe
2015-02-02 notazspu: c64x: fix cache handling, enable l2
2015-02-02 notazspu: fix some thread safety issues
2015-01-31 notazreadme: fix a link
2015-01-31 notazconvert readme to markdown
2015-01-31 notaztravis: add dependencies
2015-01-31 notazlet's try Travis CI
2015-01-31 gizmo98gte_arm.S: Use ARMv6 if possible
2015-01-31 gizmo98assem_arm.c: Use ARMv6 instructions if possible
2015-01-31 gizmo98Add __ARM_ARCH_7S__ architecture
2015-01-13 notazfrontend: pandora: work around r20a vs r21 versioning
2015-01-13 notaztry to fix r-pi build
2015-01-12 notazrelease r21 r21
2015-01-12 notazfrontend: tune scanline implementation a bit
2015-01-12 notazfrontend: show C64x option
2015-01-12 notazspu: put reverb on the thread too
2015-01-12 notazgpulib: use more conservative loop detection
2015-01-12 notazsome random improvements
2015-01-12 notazspu: fix some skip accuracy issues
2015-01-09 notazspu: don't block on audio
2015-01-09 notazspu: support multiple pending buffers
2015-01-05 notazspu: finish offload code to TI C64x DSP
2015-01-04 notazspu: start offload code to TI C64x DSP
2015-01-04 notazspu: threaded implementation
2015-01-03 notazspu: get rid of bStop, clean up
2015-01-03 notazspu: move more things to StartSound
2015-01-03 notazspu: reduce use of globals
2015-01-03 notazspu: handle stop better, split main func more
2015-01-03 notazmingw build fixes
2014-12-25 notazrelease r20 r20
2014-12-25 notazdrc: more timing hacks
2014-12-25 notazfrontend: savestate autoload support
2014-12-25 notazfrontend: fix broken cropping
2014-12-25 notazfrontend: scanline efect and memcard saving
2014-12-24 notazcspace_neon: don't trash callee-save registers
2014-12-24 notazfrontend: add 2x scaling option
2014-12-24 notazmenu: file browser fixes
2014-12-23 notazcdrom: handle old savestates better
2014-12-23 notazdrc: implement block addr list saving
2014-12-23 notazdrc: replace unused reg32 with new reg_sv_flags
2014-12-21 notazpsxbios: don't crash on negative length
2014-12-21 notazmisc: merge from pcsxr r91261,r91276
2014-12-21 notazcdriso: merge from pcsxr r90558
2014-12-21 notazpsxbios: merge from pcsxr r90224-r90227
2014-12-21 notazmisc: merge from pcsxr r86908
2014-12-21 notazlibretro: enable dither for peops plugin
2014-12-21 notazspu: fix first sample, don't play ahead
2014-12-21 notazspu: avoid NULL pSpuIrq
2014-12-20 sergiobenrocha2libretro: Cleanup Makefile.libretro.
2014-12-20 notazfix up other platforms after rumble change
2014-12-20 ksv1986libretro: Add rumble support
2014-12-20 twinaphexpsxmem: Add mman wrapper for Win32 and use it for PCSX...
2014-12-20 notazlibretro: minor fixes
2014-12-20 notazlibretro: add some SPU options
2014-12-20 notazlibretro: update for newer spu code
2014-12-20 notazspu: put globals into a structure
2014-12-20 notazpsxcounters: don't do many spu updates
2014-12-20 notazspu: remove some hacks
2014-12-20 notazspu: rework synchronization
2014-12-20 notazspu: add a schedule callback
2014-12-20 notazspu: fix some fmod related breakage
2014-12-20 notazpsxinterpreter: don't break strict aliasing rules
2014-12-20 notazfrontend: update libpicofe