2019-12-07 notazdeal with some gcc7+ warnings master github/master
2019-10-19 notazMerge pull request #101 from ccawley2011/evdev
2019-10-19 Cameron CawleyRemove unused header
2019-10-19 Cameron CawleyOnly build evdev code on GP2X and Pandora
2019-01-25 notazrelease 1.93 v1.93
2018-04-05 notazMerge pull request #85 from orbea/git
2018-04-05 notazMerge pull request #83 from orbea/debug
2018-04-03 orbealibretro: Allow setting GIT_VERSION.
2018-04-02 orbeaMakefile: Update one more DEBUG conditional
2018-04-02 orbeaMakefile: Build with optimizations if DEBUG=0
2018-01-31 notazctr/3ds: attempt to improve cache flushing
2018-01-28 notazfix some issues with menu bg
2018-01-28 notazfix a corner case with h-int
2018-01-27 notazfix DrawSpritesHiAS
2018-01-27 notazadd a header fixup
2018-01-27 notazsms: improve irq handling
2018-01-23 notaz32x: implement standard/ssf2 mapper, part 2
2018-01-21 notazdon't spam DMA message
2018-01-21 notaz32x: implement standard/ssf2 mapper
2018-01-06 notazdrc: support ms ABI
2018-01-06 notazimprove 64bit portability
2018-01-03 notazlibretro: pass required arg to VirtualProtect
2017-12-27 notazadd a pitch variable
2017-12-27 notazMerge pull request #72 from Chips-fr/master
2017-12-25 Chips-frSupport latest raspberry GLES library name
2017-12-11 notazdrc: revive x86 dynarec, support x86-64
2017-12-03 notazdon't do idle log - it's not useful
2017-12-03 notazdrc: arm: use movw/movt
2017-12-03 notazdrc: do lit check before size_nolit is cleared
2017-12-03 notazdrc: ignore cache-through on smc check
2017-12-03 notazdrc: rm overlapped block entry points
2017-12-01 notazstop IdleDet from affecting save states
2017-11-29 notaz32x: improve 68k bios handling
2017-11-28 notaz32x: add other timing hacks
2017-11-28 notaz32x: remove some comm hacks
2017-10-21 notazmove more globals to PicoInterface
2017-10-21 notazsms: do psg like md does
2017-10-20 notazhandle 'bad' dma better
2017-10-20 notazpandora: mark prerelease versions
2017-10-20 notazadd 68k overclocking support
2017-10-20 notazrearrange globals
2017-10-20 notazpandora: fix build
2017-10-16 notazsms: more md-consistent drawing
2017-10-16 notazsms: improve sr a bit
2017-10-15 notazfamec: eliminate global context ptr
2017-10-14 notazfamec: split fm68k_emulate
2017-10-14 notazget rid of custom memcpy funcs
2017-10-14 notazfix clang build
2017-10-14 notazlet it build on msvc
2017-10-13 notazdrop draw_amips from libretro too
2017-10-13 notazdrop some unnecessary inlines
2017-10-13 notazandroid: make armeabi buildable
2017-10-13 notazlibretro: satisfy vita's dynarec needs in a cleaner way
2017-10-13 notazlibretro: update for core changes
2017-10-13 notazlibretro: drop sram clear
2017-10-13 notazsome portability cleanups
2017-10-13 notazre-import all libretro code from it's fork
2017-10-13 iLagFix remaining bugs and fix indentation
2017-10-13 iLagRestore support for short GG cheats.
2017-10-13 iLagAdd support for Master System cheats.
2017-10-13 iLagAdd support for single-line cheats and PAR codes.
2017-10-13 DavidFix the lprintf method (libretro side)
2017-10-13 notazbuild: some clean ups
2017-10-13 notazbuild: drop function-sections
2017-10-13 notazrelease 1.92 v1.92
2017-10-13 notazfix cell scroll drawing
2017-10-13 notazfame: fix roxr
2017-10-13 notazrework sr
2017-10-13 notazsome irq hacks
2017-10-13 notazupdate libpicofe
2017-10-13 notazfix t574 reset
2017-10-13 notazsplit memories away from Pico
2017-10-13 notazdrop legacy save support
2017-10-11 notazdrop unmaintained mips code
2017-10-11 notazvdp timing hacks
2017-10-11 notazadjust z80 timing a bit
2017-10-11 notazfix various logging issues
2017-10-11 notazmenu: add reset hotkey
2017-10-11 notazsome more risky timing changes
2017-10-06 notazfix underalloc
2017-10-06 notazsome poor timing improvement attempts
2017-10-06 notazslightly better z80 vdp reads
2017-10-06 notazimprove fast forward for cd
2017-10-06 notazhandle frequent psg updates
2017-10-06 notazsn76496: simplify writes
2017-10-06 notazclean up dac code a bit
2017-10-06 notazstate: setup banks before CPUs on load
2017-10-06 notazsimple ym2612 fixes
2017-10-06 notazfix ym2612 asm, rework EG
2017-10-02 notazsome support for vdp debug reg
2017-10-02 notazsimplify tile drawing
2017-10-02 notazscroll size improvement
2017-10-02 notazsome support for 128k mode
2017-10-02 notazallow limited z80 vdp access
2017-10-02 notazrecognize the MED ssf2 header
2017-10-02 notazrelax the bank check
2017-10-02 notazfame: always update the fetch map
2017-10-02 notazdon't miss the sprite check
2017-10-02 notazsome dma improvements
2017-09-30 notazmake dma honour banking