2016-05-30 notaztune the preloads a bit master github/master
2016-02-28 notazuse the pandora's vsync ioctl when available
2013-10-16 notazpandora: do automatic layer switching for TV
2013-06-13 notazsupport app icon by reusing x11 sdl code
2013-06-13 notazdon't kill hints on minimize
2013-06-11 notazhandle src buffer underflow corner cases
2013-03-11 Sam LantingaMerged SDL 1.3 revision 5424, fixing a crash in the...
2013-03-11 Ryan C. GordonBackport from 1.3 branch: clean up opened joysticks...
2013-03-11 Sam LantingaHi Sam
2013-03-11 Ryan C. GordonAdd dynamic symbol for _XGetRequest, which libX11 1...
2013-03-11 Andreas MüllerSDL_x11sym.h: add symbols for _XGetRequest
2013-02-14 notazfix incorrect assumption, minor refactoring
2013-02-09 notazNEONize a few more blit types
2013-02-09 notazuse offscreen blitting when SDL_DOUBLEBUF is not set
2013-02-02 notazsupport .unicode of returned events
2013-02-02 notazdelay omapfb layer enable
2012-08-28 notazfix vram realloc
2012-08-22 notazrefactor NEON blit checks
2012-08-22 notazunify NEON code, use preload
2012-08-22 notazadd some more NEON blitters from _wb_
2012-07-04 Darren AltonAdd "scaled" and "pixelperfect" layer sizes.
2012-04-09 notazlimited minimize support
2012-03-15 notazadd scancode support
2012-03-12 notazsupport external mouse through X events
2012-03-11 notazrename omapsdl.h, for consistency
2012-03-11 notazhandle multibuffering better
2012-03-10 notazflip before vsync
2012-03-10 notaztry harder with screen res detection
2012-03-10 notazsetup_omap_layer: handle bad arguments better
2011-12-18 notazadd some NEON 32bpp blitters
2011-12-17 notazfix alpha for 32bpp screen
2011-11-27 notazdon't have fn as modifier
2011-11-25 notazstop force-doublebuf hack from interfering
2011-11-24 notazupdate readme
2011-11-23 notazAdd support for border removal
2011-11-23 notazAdd touchscreen coordinate translation
2011-11-22 notazadjust default layer size to fit screen
2011-11-22 notazdon't force double buffering
2011-11-16 notazdon't depend on system SDL headers
2011-11-15 notazblit: improve BlitNtoNSurfaceAlphaKey for 16bpp
2011-11-15 notazreally support 24 and 32 bpp
2011-11-15 notazupdate common code to latest from PCSX rearmed
2011-11-15 notazmap remaining fn keys to something
2011-09-16 notazdon't needlessly realloc memory
2011-09-09 notazfix fn keys, make them closer to default SDL
2010-11-17 notazallow variable resolutions
2010-11-16 notazdetect default resolution properly, fix res list
2010-11-16 notazallow empty lines in config
2010-11-16 notazfail on offscreen hardware surfaces
2010-11-14 notazunify messages, small readme update
2010-11-14 notazsome basic readme
2010-11-14 notazadd OMAP layer handling
2010-11-14 notazfix deadlock if ts_cb is not set
2010-11-13 notazadd touchscreen support
2010-11-13 notazhook into SDL
2010-11-13 notazimplement input to avoid PD common dependency
2010-11-12 notazrename input.c to avoid conflicts, some small refactoring
2010-11-12 notazstandalone: refactor for becoming also a SDL driver
2010-11-12 notazadd input, basic config
2010-11-12 notazInitial standalone code, some stuff runs
2010-11-09 notazSDL-1.2.14