2014-11-25 notazsupport 2nd player streaming from separate raw file master github/master
2014-11-18 notazinitial support for 2 players
2014-11-18 notazremove -s option
2014-11-10 notazsupport streaming from custom raw format
2014-11-08 notazfix an issue of lost inputs in direct control mode
2014-11-07 notazadd ability to disable loader sync
2014-10-25 notazlower more irq priorities, split a function slowpath
2014-10-25 notazmicros() implementation without irq disable
2014-10-25 notazuse gcc atomic operations
2014-10-25 notazdisable slew rate
2014-10-25 notazadd license
2014-10-25 notazadd gitignore
2014-10-25 notazdon't send new stuff while receiving debug
2014-10-25 notazrewrite main loop
2014-10-25 notazraw host output logging
2014-10-22 notazmake readinc mode default and vsync an option
2014-10-22 notazfix some races for recording
2014-10-22 notazsome recording support, abort cmd on exit
2014-10-22 notazbetter URB handling, cleaner exit
2014-10-22 notazimplement stream restart on r key
2014-10-22 notazbkm support
2014-10-22 notazimplement vsync irq-based frame counter
2014-10-22 notazadd ability to insert/remove frames at the beginning...
2014-10-22 notazfirst working gmv streamer
2014-10-02 notazteensy3lib: do level masking instead of disable
2014-10-01 notazupdate teensy3 lib to latest, use new vector change...
2014-09-18 notazdisable local ehco
2014-09-15 notazevdev input forwarder
2014-09-14 notazrm unneeded test code
2014-09-14 notazworking C button 'presser'
2014-09-13 notazstarting host program
2014-09-11 notazworking blinker with usb debug
2014-09-11 notazdisable some unneeded stuff
2014-09-11 notazimport part of teensy3 lib