unset ld env before running command
[ginge.git] / dist / ginge.gpe
4d045184 1#!/bin/sh
6ca08393 3unset LD_PRELOAD
4d045184 5/sbin/rmmod warm 2> /dev/null
6ca08393 6/sbin/insmod ./tools/warm_2.6.24.ko
4d045184 7
7000b522 8# we might write something to /tmp, no need to write to flash
cc559d92 9# FIXME: doesn't seem to work, tmpfs broken in Wiz kernel?
89e964bb 10#if ! grep -q '/tmp' /proc/mounts; then
11# mount -t tmpfs none /tmp
7000b522 13
4d045184 14# theoretically GP2X apps can make use of more RAM, because
15# Wiz has 2.6 kernel (larger memory requirements) and larger
16# reserved areas, so we mount some swap here just in case.
cc559d92 17
18# FIXME: doesn't work too, causes more problems than resolves
19#mkswap swapfile
20#swapon swapfile
4d045184 21
6ca08393 22./gp2xmenu --view-game
4d045184 23
cc559d92 24#swapoff swapfile
89e964bb 25#umount /tmp
6ca08393 26/sbin/rmmod warm 2> /dev/null
adb79840 27
28cd /usr/gp2x/
29exec ./gp2xmenu