11 days ago notazMerge pull request #7 from irixxxx/master master github/master
12 days ago kubadd 2x overlay for SDL to improve color resolution
12 days ago kubadd more host disassembler platforms for picodrive DRC
12 days ago kubfont array size adaption to avoid a compiler warning...
2019-12-07 notazdeal with some gcc7+ warnings
2018-01-28 notazfix some pointer arithmetic
2017-12-24 notazadd a pitch variable
2017-12-11 notazx86_64 support for host_dasm
2017-10-13 notazdon'r check d_name
2017-10-05 notazretry with mmap when mremap fails
2017-09-30 Nolan "Tempa... Prevent segfault in draw_key_config (#2)
2015-11-08 notazinput: bugfix in defbind check
2015-08-28 notazoss: use other sync macro
2015-03-24 notazplat: avoid MAP_FIXED
2015-02-02 notazinput: only set default binds when probing
2015-02-02 notazalsa: don't leak memory
2014-12-24 notazimprove handling of dirents without d_type set
2014-04-05 notazfix a buffer overflow
2013-10-10 notazfix gp2x build
2013-10-09 notazhandle no home and buf overflow
2013-10-09 notazMerge pull request #1 from pcercuei/for_upstream
2013-10-07 Paul CercueilAllow one key to have multiple actions
2013-10-07 Paul CercueilAllow the platform code to override the key names
2013-10-07 Paul CercueilLet the platform code deliver the key mappings
2013-10-07 Paul CercueilSDL video: Use a hardware surface and double buffering
2013-10-07 Paul CercueilSDL sound: Reduce considerably sound latency
2013-10-07 Paul CercueilIntroduce plat_get_skin_dir and update plat_get_root_di...
2013-10-04 notazgp2x: pollux: various fixes
2013-10-04 notazgp2x: pollux: bring back ram timings
2013-09-26 notazsoc_pollux: fix clkgen masks
2013-09-23 notazpandora: add tv layer selection helper
2013-09-13 Victor LuchitsProperly handle multiple joysticks
2013-09-08 notazdon't use a and s for menu functions
2013-09-08 notazfix deadlock on list seek
2013-09-01 notazalsa: some stop handling
2013-08-30 notazfix list seeking, add autoload option
2013-08-27 notazGP2X updates
2013-08-10 notazadd disassembler reg-names-std option
2013-07-28 Grazvydas Ignotasfix clang warnings
2013-07-27 Grazvydas Ignotasrm unused preprocessor checks
2013-06-29 Grazvydas Ignotasreadpng: put image on center if it's too large
2013-06-28 Grazvydas Ignotasadd plat_mem_set_exec()
2013-06-27 Grazvydas Ignotasmake cache_flush_ not const, because syscalls are usual...
2013-06-24 Grazvydas Ignotasdodge a warning
2013-06-24 Grazvydas Ignotasadd preliminary alsa driver too
2013-06-23 Grazvydas Ignotassupport multiple sound drivers, add sdl
2013-06-22 Grazvydas Ignotasfix corruption on empty sel_fname
2013-06-15 Grazvydas Ignotasallow multi-include on some headers
2013-03-13 notazsdl: use overlay on native bpp window
2013-03-13 notazplat: don't give up on hugetlb fail
2013-02-07 notazgl_platform: avoid direct xlib dependency
2013-02-06 notazgl: make surface and context readable by users
2013-02-06 notazsdl: add resize callback
2013-01-30 notazsdl: restore video modeo n exit
2013-01-30 notazsdl: be more careful with x11, handle quit msg
2013-01-28 notazonly take wminfo from appropriate sdl driver
2013-01-06 notazmenu: pass extension lists as argument
2013-01-05 notazimprove file browser, rework filtering
2012-12-23 notazadd some VideCore/R-pi support code
2012-12-23 notazsdl: handle activate events
2012-12-23 notazadd some sdl code from rearmed
2012-12-23 notazadd some simple EGL output code
2012-11-28 notazfonts: make friendly to rgb1555
2012-11-17 notazfonts: add uyvy function
2012-11-17 notazin_sdl: allow external event handler
2012-11-11 notazinput: handle unprobed devices better
2012-11-11 notazbasic text drawing function from PCSX
2012-11-06 notazneon filters: minor optimization from M-HT
2012-11-05 notazadd dummy platform file
2012-11-04 notazmerge some pollux code from PCSX
2012-11-04 notazrefactor plat.h, add gamma
2012-11-02 notazneon filters: support optional color space conversion
2012-10-28 notazneon filters: fix build on old toolchains
2012-10-28 notazminor cahnges to M-HT's filters
2012-10-28 M-HTadd NEON filters
2012-09-16 notazadd pandora code from PCSX
2012-09-16 notazminor adjustments
2012-09-12 notazmerge Themaister's libpng 1.5 fix
2012-09-12 notazupdate license in source code itself
2012-09-12 notazadd key config save code from rearmed ui
2012-09-12 notazmerge border style from gpfce
2012-09-12 notazmove common files to root
2012-09-12 notazremove PicoDrive-specific stuff, add readme
2012-08-28 notazextend mmap wrapper functionality
2012-08-28 notazadd mmap prototypes
2012-07-23 notazinput: in_sdl: preliminary joystick support
2012-07-23 notazinput: SDL support
2012-07-22 notazmenu: support seeking the filelist with letter keys
2012-07-22 notazmenu: support seeking the filelist with letter keys
2012-07-22 notazinput: in_gp2x refactoring
2012-07-22 notazinput: move default bind handling to input core
2012-07-22 notazinput: move default bind handling to input core
2012-07-22 notazmenu: show savestate date
2012-04-10 notazfbdev: save and restore support
2012-04-09 notazxenv: allow to specify event filter
2012-04-09 notazxenv: add minimize functionality
2012-03-12 notazxenv: allow reading mouse through callbacks, for SDL...
2012-01-07 notazfbdev: crash on single buffering
2012-01-07 notazxenv: init g_kbdfd, as 0 is stdin
2011-12-10 notazinput: evdev: do centering adjustment