descriptionPicoDrive's frontend in a lib
last changeThu, 2 Jul 2020 21:08:59 +0000 (00:08 +0300)
6 days ago notazMerge pull request #7 from irixxxx/master master github/master
6 days ago kubadd 2x overlay for SDL to improve color resolution
6 days ago kubadd more host disassembler platforms for picodrive DRC
6 days ago kubfont array size adaption to avoid a compiler warning...
2019-12-07 notazdeal with some gcc7+ warnings
2018-01-28 notazfix some pointer arithmetic
2017-12-24 notazadd a pitch variable
2017-12-11 notazx86_64 support for host_dasm
2017-10-13 notazdon'r check d_name
2017-10-05 notazretry with mmap when mremap fails
2017-09-30 Nolan "Tempa... Prevent segfault in draw_key_config (#2)
2015-11-08 notazinput: bugfix in defbind check
2015-08-28 notazoss: use other sync macro
2015-03-24 notazplat: avoid MAP_FIXED
2015-02-02 notazinput: only set default binds when probing
2015-02-02 notazalsa: don't leak memory
6 days ago master