2018-01-30 notazfix missed clear master github/master
2018-01-28 notazh-int reload test
2017-11-29 notazmore 32x tests
2017-11-25 notaz32x mostly works
2017-11-25 notazinitial 32x tests
2017-11-19 notazmega-usb: support BE
2017-10-30 notazfix some header mistakes
2017-10-22 notazidc scripts
2017-10-21 notaztiming tests
2017-10-06 notazsome irq tests
2017-10-04 notazmore tests
2017-09-25 notazsome tests
2017-09-09 notazsramtest: new test
2015-12-11 notazteensytp: 6btn mode support
2015-12-11 notazteensytp: configurable gamepads
2015-12-11 notazteensytp: initial implementation (derived from teensytas)
2015-12-07 notazAdd 'teensytp/' from commit 'be48e888050f18a31e788269c8...
2014-11-25 notazsupport 2nd player streaming from separate raw file
2014-11-20 notazmegaed-sv: allow to input raw mapper code
2014-11-18 notazinitial support for 2 players
2014-11-18 notazremove -s option
2014-11-10 notazsupport streaming from custom raw format
2014-11-08 notazfix an issue of lost inputs in direct control mode
2014-11-07 notazadd ability to disable loader sync
2014-10-29 notazmegaed-sv: relax sync as it often fails, unify
2014-10-29 notazmegaed-sv: maybe better, sometimes working sync code
2014-10-27 notazmegaed-sv: first somewhat working sync code
2014-10-26 notazmegaed-sv: move most start code to ROM
2014-10-26 notazmegaed-sv: z80 init
2014-10-26 notazhexed: fixup for newer binutils
2014-10-25 notazlower more irq priorities, split a function slowpath
2014-10-25 notazmicros() implementation without irq disable
2014-10-25 notazuse gcc atomic operations
2014-10-25 notazdisable slew rate
2014-10-25 notazadd license
2014-10-25 notazadd gitignore
2014-10-25 notazdon't send new stuff while receiving debug
2014-10-25 notazrewrite main loop
2014-10-25 notazraw host output logging
2014-10-24 notazmegaed-stop-md - standalone test
2014-10-24 notazmegaed-sv: more tests
2014-10-23 notazmegaed-sv: don't use stop, corrupts MED SDRAM
2014-10-23 notazmegaed-stop - testcase for mega everdrive SDRAM corruption
2014-10-22 notazmake readinc mode default and vsync an option
2014-10-22 notazfix some races for recording
2014-10-22 notazsome recording support, abort cmd on exit
2014-10-22 notazbetter URB handling, cleaner exit
2014-10-22 notazimplement stream restart on r key
2014-10-22 notazbkm support
2014-10-22 notazimplement vsync irq-based frame counter
2014-10-22 notazadd ability to insert/remove frames at the beginning...
2014-10-22 notazfirst working gmv streamer
2014-10-22 notazmegaed-sv: input stream logging test
2014-10-22 notazmegaed-sv: download memory command
2014-10-22 notazmega-usb: download memory command (for custom OS)
2014-10-17 notazhexed: add 32x startup code
2014-10-06 notazmegaed-sv: tas sync code
2014-10-02 notazteensy3lib: do level masking instead of disable
2014-10-01 notazupdate teensy3 lib to latest, use new vector change...
2014-09-28 notazmegaed-sv: add exception handler
2014-09-26 notazmegaed-sv: implement ROM load/run
2014-09-25 notazmegaed-sv: input latency test
2014-09-22 notazstarting ED server program
2014-09-19 notazmega-usb: allow sending any commands
2014-09-18 notazdisable local ehco
2014-09-15 notazevdev input forwarder
2014-09-14 notazrm unneeded test code
2014-09-14 notazworking C button 'presser'
2014-09-13 notazstarting host program
2014-09-11 notazworking blinker with usb debug
2014-09-11 notazdisable some unneeded stuff
2014-09-11 notazimport part of teensy3 lib
2013-09-29 notazmega-usb: initial code
2013-09-29 notazhexed: 32x support
2013-09-01 notazmx_flasher: set mode after other writes
2013-08-12 notazmx_flasher: minor updates
2011-05-25 notazhexed: vram transfer + early pc transfers
2011-05-24 notazhexed: support PicoDrive savestate loading (only VDP...
2011-05-20 notazhexed: add simple io commands
2011-05-20 notazhexed: refactor init code a bit
2011-05-16 notazhexed: use bin size for reloc; minor updates
2011-05-16 notazhexed: add jump cmd, refactor transfer
2011-05-16 notazfix license text, add gitignore
2011-05-16 notazhexed: new pc control code (send/recv only for now)
2011-05-16 notazhexed: move transfer code here since md code is here too
2011-05-16 notazhexed: minor cleanup
2011-05-16 notazhexed: relocation and test stub
2009-04-12 notaztransfer ability added
2009-04-12 notazadded transfer
2009-04-12 notazadded mdpcjoy
2009-04-10 notazmake the code relocatable
2009-04-08 notazfinalize for release
2009-04-08 notazjmp opt and cleanups
2009-04-07 notazfinish safety stuff
2009-04-07 notazcleanup init code
2009-04-07 notazbyte mode, dtack safety
2009-03-30 notazadd padding, bump ver
2009-03-26 notazfree some bits in global reg, use r5 for edit
2009-03-24 notazgoto and edit
2009-03-20 notazbyte mode, edit mode wip