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4PCSX-Reloaded is a forked version of the dead PCSX emulator, with a nicer
5interface and several improvements to stability and functionality.
7PCSX-Reloaded uses the PSEMU plugin interface to provide most functionality;
8without them, you will not be able to use it to play games. PCSX-Reloaded
9provides a number of plugins to provide basic functionality out of the box.
11PCSX-Reloaded has a very capable Internal HLE BIOS that can run many games
12without problems. It is recommended that you use it. However, if you own a
13real PlayStation, you may be able to use your own BIOS image. PCSX-Reloaded
14will find it in ~/.pcsx/bios/ or /usr/share/psemu/bios/ if you place it there.
15This can improve compatibility, especially with certain games and with the
16use of memory cards.
18See the doc/ folder in the source, or /usr/share/doc/pcsx/ on Debian systems,
19for more detailed information on PCSX-Reloaded. A UNIX manpage is also