2022-12-11 notazcdrom: adjust a timing hack master github/master
2022-11-14 notazgpulib: allow commands to span list entries
2022-11-13 notazcdrom: forget old sector on cd change
2022-11-13 notazdma: add optional slow linked list walking
2022-11-12 notazcdrom: make the timing hack conditional
2022-11-12 notazcdriso: unbreak cdda for chd
2022-11-05 notazcdrom: don't report read too early
2022-11-03 notazspu: fix a wrong assumption
2022-11-03 notazcdriso: fix up chd for separated subq reads
2022-11-02 notazcdrom: change GetlocP handling
2022-11-01 notazcdrom: handle fifo overreads
2022-10-25 notazcdrom: add a timing hack
2022-10-22 notazcdrom: report read errors correctly
2022-10-22 notazpsxbios: use noninvasive print for -psxout
2022-10-15 notazgpulib: update gpuinfo
2022-10-15 notazmerge from libretro fork
2022-10-13 Sakitoshiupdated gaussian interpolation filter
2022-10-01 notazpsxinterpreter: use cycle_multiplier also
2022-10-01 notazremove all the hack options
2022-09-29 notazcdrom: update status immediately after seek
2022-09-29 notazcdrom: ignore repeated read cmds
2022-09-21 notazcdrom: change GetlocL behavior
2022-09-17 notazcdrom: treat seek the same as other commands
2022-09-17 notazcdrom: allow to interrupt initial scan sequence
2022-09-17 notazcdrom: actually reject commands when not ready
2022-09-16 notazmain: log missing CPU features
2022-09-15 notazgpu_neon: rm wrong cost qualifier
2022-09-15 notazcdrom: adjust timing
2022-09-15 notazdon't cast between long and pointers for win64
2022-09-15 notazmisc: patch some issues indicated by clang
2022-09-15 notazfrontend: handle double res rendering, enable on x86_64
2022-09-15 notazgpu_neon: brand new x86 SSE2+ implementation
2022-09-15 notazgpu_neon: adjust some comments and things
2022-09-15 notazcdrom: delay the missed irq more
2022-09-10 notazsome big endian fixes
2022-09-10 notazstandalone: allow lightrec for testing
2022-09-10 notazspu: fix wrong volume shift
2022-09-09 notazfix build
2022-09-09 notazgte: minor diff from libretro
2022-09-09 notazpsxinterpreter: reduce the use of globals
2022-09-08 notazeasier logging of unhandled stuff
2022-09-08 notazcdrom: partially emulate the fifo
2022-09-08 notazdma: try more accurate timings
2022-09-08 notazcdrom: get rid of pTransfer
2022-09-08 notazcdrom: don't reschedule irqs
2022-09-08 notazcdrom: clean up command handling
2022-09-08 notazcdrom: try to eliminate playback timing drifting
2022-09-08 notazpsxcounters: try to eliminate another source of audio...
2022-09-08 notazspu: cleanup some irq hacks
2022-09-08 notazspu: sync on xa playback start
2022-09-04 notazspu: support master volume
2022-09-04 notazspu: rename dwChannelOn to something more suitable
2022-09-04 notazspu: remove some strange rounding
2022-09-03 notazcdrom: remove confusing comment
2022-09-03 notazcdrom: remove another hack
2022-09-02 notazcdrom: take a minor change from libretro
2022-09-02 notazcdrom: get rid of cdrPlayInterrupt
2022-09-02 notazcdrom: try to clean up the seeking mess
2022-09-02 notazcdrom: should use the last Setloc loc and SeekL
2022-09-02 notazcdrom: some debugging aid
2022-08-30 notazplugins: try to untangle the CALLBACK mess
2022-08-30 notazspu: get rid of iXAPitch
2022-08-28 notazmisc: get rid of an unaligned read
2022-08-13 notazgpu_neon: fix another abi violation
2022-08-13 notazgpu_neon: fix wrong block counting
2022-08-11 notazdrc: fix a silly mistake of overwriting a reg
2022-08-10 notazdrc: rework smc checks again
2022-08-10 notazdrc: fix wrong masking in set_jump_target
2022-08-09 notazcspace: add forgotten length decrement
2022-08-08 notazmark libretro makefile as unmaintained here
2022-08-08 notazcspace: generic implementation with vector extensions
2022-08-08 notazgpu_neon: integration for arm64
2022-08-08 notazgpu_neon: new intrinsics-only implementation
2022-08-08 notazgpu_neon: place asm func prototypes into a separate...
2022-08-08 notazgpu_neon: don't include vector_ops.h in the main header
2022-08-08 notazgpu_neon: fix some more abi violations
2022-08-02 notazdrc: patch up some potential issues on the switch
2022-07-29 notazgpu_neon: try to make the compiler save some callee...
2022-07-29 notazdfxvideo: patch up some unsafe macros
2022-07-29 Paul CercueilCI: Pass SDL_CONFIG to the ./configure script
2022-07-29 Paul Cercueilconfigure: Detect the toolchain's sdl-config tool
2022-07-29 Paul Cercueilcdrom: Fix PBP support on big-endian platforms
2022-07-29 Paul Cercueildfxvideo: Restore support for big-endian arch
2022-07-29 Paul Cercueilfrontend: Fix colorspace conversion routines on big...
2022-07-29 Paul Cercueilmisc: Use GCC builtins for byte-swap operations
2022-07-29 Paul Cercueilgpulib: Add proper support for big-endian
2022-07-29 Paul CercueilGet rid of bit fields in union
2022-07-29 Paul CercueilMake sure hardware registers are manipulated as little...
2022-07-29 Paul CercueilFix PCSX on big-endian systems
2022-07-18 notazdrc: some more libnx support
2022-07-14 notazdrc: simplify cache flush for some platforms
2022-07-14 notazdrc: some libnx support
2022-06-06 notazcdriso: hack .chd track handling to match .cue
2022-06-06 notazcdrom: don't read and play simultaneously
2022-06-02 notazpsxcounters: try to support a dynarec with a very long...
2022-06-02 notazdrc: update some logging and patches
2022-03-14 notazrelease r23 r23
2022-03-13 notazfrontend: omap: fix glitches on mode changes
2022-03-13 notazcdriso: handle chd subchannels, when available
2022-03-13 notazcdriso: merge some libretro changes