fix bug with memory card files being overwritten with RTC files
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / Makefile.libretro
2013-05-26 twinaphexAdd .toc to valid_extensions
2013-05-26 twinaphex(QNX) Compilation fix
2013-05-26 twinaphexUpdate target names in Makefile
2013-04-01 notazlibretro: rename targets to be picked by menu
2013-04-01 notazlibretro: minor adjustments and a sanity check
2013-04-01 twinaphex(Blackberry) Define CC and AR in Makefile - so we can...
2013-04-01 twinaphex(Libretro Makefile) Add ARM target
2013-04-01 notazlibretro: enable gpu_neon
2013-03-31 notazlibretro/ios: workaround clang segfault
2013-03-31 notazlibretro/ios: enable dynarec, update target names
2013-03-25 notazlibretro: rework makefile
2013-03-25 notazuse gas-preprocessor for ios
2013-03-25 CatalystGAdd support for PlayBook/BB10 with libretro
2013-03-25 twinaphexChanges to Makefile.libretro
2013-03-25 twinaphexDon't compile in null sound driver for libretro and add