spu: finish offload code to TI C64x DSP
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / configure
2015-01-04 notazspu: start offload code to TI C64x DSP
2013-07-15 notazMerge pull request #21 from tejonbiker/master
2013-07-15 tejonbikerAdds the path to include correctly vmcs host
2013-03-25 notazlibretro: rework makefile
2013-02-18 notazfrontend: maemo: some refactoring
2013-02-07 notazfrontend: check for xlib when it's needed
2012-12-26 notazconfigure: handle ARM machine names with version
2012-12-23 notazconfigure: detect common mistakes
2012-12-23 notazfrontend: fix pulseaudio, detect it in configure script
2012-12-23 notazbump libpicofe for r-pi gl code
2012-12-23 notazfrontend: switch to libpicofe sdl code
2012-12-10 notazMerge branch 'libretro'
2012-12-07 notazconfigure: set float-abi even without armv6
2012-12-02 notazimprove ARM feature detection
2012-11-24 notazdrop bzlib dependency
2012-11-24 notazplugins: drop arch filename extensions
2012-11-05 notazsort out 32/64bit savestate compat issues
2012-11-05 notazdetect undefined symbols early
2012-11-05 notazswitch over to libpicofe
2012-09-12 notazMerge branch 'libretro'
2012-09-10 ThemaisterFix build for libretro.
2012-08-04 notazconfigure: various fixes
2012-08-04 notazconfigure: fix mfloat-abi detection
2012-08-02 notazconfigure: fix some ordering issues
2012-07-30 notazallow multiple sound drivers to be compiled
2012-07-29 notazsupport sdl audio
2012-07-29 notazselect builtin gpu plugin on configure
2012-07-29 notazfrontend: initial libretro support
2012-07-23 notazarm: automatically disable thumb
2012-05-27 notazfrontend: minor tweaks
2012-05-27 notazautomatically build plugins
2012-04-29 notazfix some build issues and warnings
2012-04-29 notazfrontend: generic: preliminary SDL support
2012-04-21 notazbring in configure build system
2010-11-16 notazremove stuff we won't need
2010-11-16 PCSX* teamspcsxr-1.9.92 pcsxr-1.9.92