frontend: add renderer toggle option
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / frontend / main.h
2012-10-11 notazfrontend: add renderer toggle option
2012-07-29 notazfrontend: initial libretro support
2012-07-22 notazfrontend: initial cheats support
2012-01-08 notazfrontend: add minimize support
2011-10-30 notazfrontend: input driver and volume control for Wiz
2011-10-30 notazfrontend: move defconfig to main
2011-08-12 notazadd guncon support
2011-03-13 notazfrontend: add screenshot functionality
2011-02-10 notazfrontend: support ingame actions (state load and such)
2011-01-23 notazsome frontend adjustments
2011-01-15 notazmenu: add bios selection
2011-01-03 notazfrontend cleanup