frontend: add renderer toggle option
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / frontend / plat_pandora.c
2012-10-11 notazfrontend: add renderer toggle option
2012-08-01 notazrelease r15 r15
2012-07-08 notazfrontend: move some leftover pandora parts out of commo...
2012-05-27 notazfrontend: minor tweaks
2012-04-29 notazfrontend: input: pass default binds as argument
2012-01-08 notazfrontend: add minimize support
2011-12-10 notazfrontend: make analogs configurable
2011-12-05 notazfrontend: get rid of plat_rescan_inputs
2011-09-24 notazadd pollux/caanoo port, refactor things