drc: avoid MAP_FIXED
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / frontend /
2016-09-18 notazdrc: try to support w^x platforms like iOS
2016-03-31 notazdon't use __ARM_ARCH_7A__
2016-01-07 notazmenu: fix input config for device names ending with...
2015-03-24 notazpsxmem: fix error handling
2015-02-05 notazlibretro: always use fixed samples per frame
2015-02-05 notazrelease r22 r22
2015-02-03 notazfrontend: fix minor glitches on video mode changes
2015-02-02 notazfrontend: update libpicofe
2015-01-13 notazfrontend: pandora: work around r20a vs r21 versioning
2015-01-12 notazrelease r21 r21
2015-01-12 notazfrontend: tune scanline implementation a bit
2015-01-12 notazfrontend: show C64x option
2015-01-04 notazspu: threaded implementation
2015-01-03 notazmingw build fixes
2014-12-25 notazrelease r20 r20
2014-12-25 notazfrontend: savestate autoload support
2014-12-25 notazfrontend: fix broken cropping
2014-12-25 notazfrontend: scanline efect and memcard saving
2014-12-24 notazcspace_neon: don't trash callee-save registers
2014-12-24 notazfrontend: add 2x scaling option
2014-12-24 notazmenu: file browser fixes
2014-12-23 notazdrc: implement block addr list saving
2014-12-21 notazlibretro: enable dither for peops plugin
2014-12-20 notazfix up other platforms after rumble change
2014-12-20 ksv1986libretro: Add rumble support
2014-12-20 notazlibretro: minor fixes
2014-12-20 notazlibretro: add some SPU options
2014-12-20 notazlibretro: update for newer spu code
2014-12-20 notazspu: put globals into a structure
2014-12-20 notazspu: rework synchronization
2014-12-20 notazspu: add a schedule callback
2014-12-20 notazfrontend: update libpicofe
2014-12-20 twinaphexlibretro: Add core options to namespace
2014-12-20 twinaphexlibretro: Update input descriptors
2014-12-20 twinaphexlibretro: Implement input descriptors
2014-12-20 Alcarolibretro: Update libretro.h
2014-12-20 Tobias Jakobilibretro: adjust indentation style
2014-12-20 twinaphexlibretro: Set performance level
2014-12-20 Tobias Jakobilibretro: only use posix_memalign when it's safe
2014-12-20 Tobias Jakobilibretro: align vout_buf to 128-bit
2014-12-20 twinaphex(Libretro) Add frame duping core option
2013-12-22 notazlibretro: add dynarec switch
2013-12-22 twinaphexUpdate libretro.h
2013-11-03 meancootlibretro: Add analog option for player 1
2013-06-04 notazlibretro: search for BIOS harder
2013-06-04 twinaphex(Blackberry Playbook) Fix Blackberry Playbook build...
2013-06-04 twinaphexCore option: Add neon_enhancement_no_main
2013-06-04 twinaphexRemove #if 0 around NEON enhancement
2013-05-26 notazlibretro: don't call dfinput_activate too early
2013-05-26 notazlibretro: try to fix enhancement
2013-05-26 twinaphexPass correct type for RETRO_ENVIRONMENT_SET_MESSAGE
2013-05-26 twinaphexAdd system message warning if a BIOS file could not...
2013-05-26 twinaphexComment out neon_enhancement_enable for now
2013-05-26 twinaphex(Libretro) Add NEON interlace enable core option and...
2013-05-26 twinaphexTake out soft_filter for now as core option
2013-05-26 twinaphex(Libretro) Add core options - Frameskip and (for ARM...
2013-05-26 twinaphex(NEON ARM) Add NEON ARM core option (Enhanced resolutio...
2013-05-26 ToadKingimplement "add_image_index" correctly
2013-05-26 ToadKingfix bug with memory card files being overwritten with...
2013-05-26 ToadKingadd support for mednafen-style .m3u files for multi...
2013-05-26 twinaphexAdd .toc to valid_extensions
2013-05-26 twinaphex(libretro) Library version is too long to show in RGUI
2013-05-26 twinaphex(libretro) Update header
2013-04-01 notazfrontend: flush emuLog
2013-04-01 notazfrontend: attempt basic ios logging
2013-04-01 notazlibretro: minor adjustments and a sanity check
2013-03-25 notazasm: use a macro for functions
2013-03-25 notazcspace_neon: convert to .S
2013-03-15 notazlibretro: support disk control interface
2013-03-15 notazfrontend/menu: clean up cht loader
2013-03-15 notazfrontend: sdl fixes
2013-03-15 notazfrontend: exit immediately on signals
2013-02-18 notazfrontend: maemo: some refactoring
2013-02-18 notazMerge pull request #12 from sakya/master
2013-02-17 Paolo IommariniMaemo ehancement
2013-02-15 notazfrontend: pandora: adjust hugetlb allocation
2013-02-08 notazfrontend: add armv6 color space converter
2013-02-08 notazmove cspace back to frontend
2013-02-07 notazfrontend: check for xlib when it's needed
2013-02-06 notazattempt to make gles plugin work under RPi
2013-02-04 notazfrontend: do all bpp handling in plugin_lib
2013-01-30 notazfrontend: change how exit is done
2013-01-28 notazlibretro: handle regions
2013-01-28 notazfrontend: don't set up profile paths without frontend
2013-01-28 notazange how no memcards are specified
2013-01-28 notazfrontend: logging updates
2013-01-28 notazfrontend: path handling fix
2013-01-12 notazfrontend: save gamma too
2013-01-06 notazfrontend: minor menu refactoring
2013-01-06 notazfrontend: get rid of _FILE_OFFSET_BITS
2013-01-06 notazfully reinit drc on change
2013-01-05 notazfrontend: filter more unneeded files in browser
2013-01-05 notazfrontend: don't update during reset
2013-01-05 notazfrontend: add layer height limit
2013-01-03 notazignore case for cwcheat
2013-01-02 notazfrontend: remove unneeded hack options
2012-12-23 notazbump libpicofe for r-pi gl code
2012-12-23 notazfrontend: switch to libpicofe sdl code
2012-12-17 notazlibretro: support savestates and cheats
2012-12-16 notazlibretro: check for CAN_DUPE, as suggested by ToadKing