frontend: pandora: work around r20a vs r21 versioning
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / libpcsxcore / cdrom.h
2013-03-15 notazcdrom: use single read/play cursor, handle cdlRead...
2013-01-18 notazcdrom: cleanup, support errors, improve timing
2013-01-18 notazcdrom: rewrite lid code
2013-01-02 notazcdrom: implement attenuator/volume properly
2013-01-02 notazcdrom: keep savestate compat
2013-01-02 notazcdrom: clean up subq handling
2012-12-17 notazmake non-zlib save compression possible
2012-11-24 notazcdrom: try different seeking approach
2012-11-05 notazsort out 32/64bit savestate compat issues
2011-07-14 notazcdrom: partially implement attenuation
2011-02-10 notazadd cd swap functionality
2011-01-25 notazcdrom: merge most of cdrom.c from latest pcsxr (r62214)
2010-12-25 notazsync cdrom.h with pcsxr-svn
2010-11-16 PCSX* teamspcsxr-1.9.92 pcsxr-1.9.92