move some gpu status handling to core
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / libpcsxcore / misc.c
2011-12-04 notazmove some gpu status handling to core
2011-10-30 notazmake root counters use generic event scheduling code
2011-07-12 notazmisc: invaliadte dynarec on HLE file loads
2011-02-09 notazmisc: backport pal detection from pcsxr
2011-01-15 notazremove hle savestate restriction
2010-12-25 notazsync cdrom.h with pcsxr-svn
2010-12-22 notazdrc: improved interrupt code for emu_if
2010-12-21 notazcore: update to newer interrupt code, seems to affect...
2010-12-05 notazfix some alignment issues
2010-11-16 PCSX* teamspcsxr-1.9.92 pcsxr-1.9.92