drc: rework for 64bit, part 3
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / libpcsxcore / new_dynarec / assem_arm.h
2021-11-08 notazdrc: rework for 64bit, part 3
2016-09-20 notazdrc: some vita and 3ds support
2016-09-18 notazdrc: try to support w^x platforms like iOS
2016-09-18 notazdrc: drop heaps of dead code
2012-12-02 notazimprove ARM feature detection
2012-07-29 notazfix various fPIC issues
2012-04-21 notazbring in configure build system
2012-04-18 notazsupport emulated RAM mapped at offset
2012-01-14 notazdrc: allow translation cache in data segment
2011-10-02 notazyet more random armv5 tweaks
2011-02-17 notazdrc: merge Ari64's patch: 11_reduce_invstub_memory_usage
2010-12-16 notazdrc: use correct RAM size
2010-12-01 notazdrc: further hacks, hle handling
2010-11-21 notazsome drc integration work
2010-11-20 notaztry to make drc more configurable
2010-11-20 notazallow to disable TLB
2010-11-20 notazadd unmodified Ari64 drc to track it's changes