drc: only override default cycle_multiplier
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / libpcsxcore / new_dynarec / new_dynarec.h
2021-11-24 notazdrc: only override default cycle_multiplier
2021-11-20 notazdrc,interpreter: add mul/div stalls
2021-11-20 notazdrc/gte: add some stall handling
2021-11-18 notazdrc: use a separate var for game hacks
2021-11-16 notazdrc: add a timing hack for Internal Section
2021-11-14 notazdrc: update cache flushing
2021-11-14 notazdrc: starting arm64 support
2014-12-23 notazdrc: implement block addr list saving
2011-10-30 notazdrc: add some hack options
2011-10-09 notaznew ability to adjust psx cpu clock
2011-10-08 notazrecompilation-caused frameskip workaround
2011-03-01 notazdrc: clear dynarec completely on CD image change
2010-12-14 notazdrc: handle invalidate on clear() calls and reset
2010-12-14 notazadd OMAP layer, also preliminary menu, hud and input...
2010-12-05 notazdrc: initial cop2/gte implementation (works, mostly)
2010-12-01 notazdrc: further hacks, hle handling
2010-11-20 notazadd unmodified Ari64 drc to track it's changes