drc: ifdef out one more 64bit instruction
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / pandora /
2011-07-07 notazpandora: minor update to pxml
2011-06-07 notazpandora: keep package name between versions
2011-03-21 notazrelease r8 r8
2011-03-01 notazrelease r7 r7
2011-03-01 notazfrontend: move skin and darken the background
2011-02-10 notazrelease r6 r6
2011-02-10 notazfrontend: support analog controller using nubs; some...
2011-01-30 notazrelease r5 r5
2011-01-30 notazcdrcimg: support .bz/.znx/eboot formats
2011-01-15 notazrelease r4 r4
2011-01-07 notazallow some build customization
2011-01-04 notazrelease r3 r3
2011-01-01 notazgles: tweak Makefile, credits
2010-12-28 notazrelease r2 r2
2010-12-28 notazmore complete credit listing in readme
2010-12-25 notazadd .pnd stuff r1