release r23
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / plugins / gpu-gles / gpulib_if.c
2013-02-06 notazattempt to make gles plugin work under RPi
2013-01-06 notazgpus: handle list underflows better
2012-11-02 notazMerge branch 'enhancement'
2012-11-02 notazmove blit to core, allow filtering while blitting
2012-10-11 notazstart mmap'ing vram, with hugetlb if possible
2012-10-11 notazpsx_gpu: switch to 1024 width again.
2012-08-01 notazrelease r15 r15
2012-07-29 notazfrontend: initial libretro support
2012-02-26 notazgpulib: eliminate list scan-ahead
2012-01-21 notazgpu-gles: refactor for caanoo/wiz support
2012-01-20 notazgpu-gles: add fps display
2012-01-20 notazgpu-gles: add gpulib code