2022-03-14 notazrelease r23 master github/master r23
2022-03-13 notazfrontend: omap: fix glitches on mode changes
2022-03-13 notazcdriso: handle chd subchannels, when available
2022-03-13 notazcdriso: merge some libretro changes
2022-03-13 notazalways enable chd support
2022-03-01 notazdrc: fix some wrong inv address calculations
2022-02-26 notazunbreak nodynarec build
2022-02-26 notazdrc: try to avoid some block trapping
2022-02-26 notazdrc: rework jump_out lists
2022-02-26 notazdrc: rework expire code
2022-02-24 notazdrc: more precise invalidation checking for the invstub...
2022-02-24 notazdrc: rework block tracking
2022-02-23 notazdrc: get rid of SPAN
2022-02-23 notazdrc: restore all block entry points at once
2022-02-19 notazdrc: don't delay block restoration
2022-02-17 notazRevert "clear Index0 data FIFO flag (#241)"
2022-02-15 notazdrc: try not to end the block prematurely
2022-02-15 notazpsxinterpreter: unbreak load delay handling
2022-02-12 notazdrc: add a clock override for Super Robot Taisen Alpha
2022-02-07 notazdrc: try to make some passes not as slow, part 2
2022-02-07 notazdrc: put passes in their own functions
2022-02-07 notazdrc: try to make some passes not as slow
2022-02-07 notazdrc: use optimized get_reg
2022-02-07 notazdrc: rm unneeded &63 masking
2022-02-07 gameblablaclear Index0 data FIFO flag (#241)
2022-02-05 gameblablaFix silly typo mistake for CDROM pause/resume fix for...
2022-01-31 notazgpu_neon: fix apparent missing msb setting in blend_blo...
2022-01-31 notazgpu_neon: reserved bpp is 16bpp, not 4bpp
2022-01-30 notazdrc: don't abort on game crash
2022-01-30 notazrm the old debugger stuff, like in libretro fork
2022-01-29 notazdrc: add apparently missing ROREG loading
2022-01-29 notazdrc: some more debug logging
2022-01-27 notazdrc: add seemingly missing double-alloc check
2022-01-27 notazdrc: clear dirty flag when deallocating a reg
2022-01-27 notazdrc: init some variables, adjust comments
2022-01-26 notazdrc: emulate break opcode
2022-01-26 notazdrc: don't cache psxRegs.interrupt
2022-01-24 notazdrc: another hack to try to get Vita to work
2022-01-23 notazdrc: a bit more sophisticated f1 hack
2022-01-23 notazalways describe to get git hash in log messages
2022-01-23 notazdrc: possibly the missing piece for Vita
2022-01-23 notazdrc: align size passed to mprotect
2022-01-22 notazspu: try to eliminate some cdda clicks/pops
2022-01-22 notazspu: save/restore decode_pos
2022-01-22 notazcdrom: play cdda regardless of report mode
2021-12-14 notazdrc: always clear full decoded_insn
2021-12-14 notazfix some issues and warnings seen on ctr build
2021-12-14 notazdrc: reapply some libretro changes
2021-12-14 notazdrc: adjust asm to make clang happy
2021-11-30 notazdrc: rearrange hacks
2021-11-29 notazdrc: fix some mistake done during arm64 porting
2021-11-28 notazdrc: fix an old memhandler oversight
2021-11-28 notazdrc: fix CCREG loading
2021-11-28 notazdrc: don't cull ccreg
2021-11-28 notazdrc: rework cycle counting
2021-11-28 notazdrc: prefer callee-saved regs on alloc
2021-11-28 notazdrc: get rid of RAM_FIXED, revive ROREG
2021-11-26 notazdrc: botched msb bit check
2021-11-24 notazdrc: only override default cycle_multiplier
2021-11-24 notazdrc: add a hack for f1 games
2021-11-22 notazinterpreter: simplify icache implementation
2021-11-22 notazdrc: drop 'likely' branch support, simplify
2021-11-22 notazdrc: reduce memory usage
2021-11-22 notazmake icache implementation play nice with the dynarec
2021-11-22 notazdrc: detect unconditional branches early
2021-11-22 notazdrc: minor adjustments
2021-11-22 notazdrc: fix block expire
2021-11-21 notazfrontend: remove src alignment requirements in asm
2021-11-20 notazdrc,interpreter: add mul/div stalls
2021-11-20 notazdrc: try to make gte stall handling less bloaty
2021-11-20 notazdrc/gte: add some stall handling
2021-11-19 notazdrc: use helpers for jump checks
2021-11-19 notazfrontend: force full recompile on drc setting change
2021-11-18 notazdrc: use a separate var for game hacks
2021-11-18 notazfix some crashes when loading bad state
2021-11-16 notazfix x86 build
2021-11-16 notazdrc: add a timing hack for Internal Section
2021-11-16 notazdrc: adjust timing to be closer to the interpreter
2021-11-15 notazdrc: adjust constants, 32bit is enough
2021-11-14 notazdrc: handle a corner case with SLT
2021-11-14 notazupdate libpicofe
2021-11-14 notaztry to add armhf and arm64 ci build
2021-11-14 notazenable arm64 dynarec
2021-11-14 notazdrc: update cache flushing
2021-11-14 notazdrc: new far call mechanism
2021-11-14 notazdrc: something works on arm64
2021-11-14 notazdrc: adjust bogus looking check
2021-11-14 notazdrc: arm64 wip
2021-11-14 notazdrc: some more general cleanup
2021-11-14 notazdrc: arm64 wip
2021-11-14 notazdrc: starting arm64 support
2021-11-08 notazdrc: move some stuff out of assem_arm for reuse
2021-11-08 notazdrc: remove yet yet more n64 stuff
2021-11-08 notazdrc: remove yet more n64 stuff
2021-11-08 notazdrc: rework for 64bit, part 4
2021-11-08 notazdrc: remove some leftover n64-only stuff
2021-11-08 notazdrc: rework for 64bit, part 3
2021-11-08 notazdrc: remove old debug code
2021-11-08 notazdrc: convert 'stubs' to a struct with proper types...
2021-11-08 notazdrc: rework for 64bit, part 1