2021-08-16 notazdeal with some more annoying warnings master github/master
2021-08-16 gameblablaCHD support from libretro's fork. (#188)
2021-08-16 notazgte_divider: should include it's own header
2021-08-16 gameblablagte: Fix gteH division and sign extension (from PCSX4AL...
2021-08-16 gameblablaFixed Linked List DMA end marker. (#183)
2020-07-04 ifcaroFix crash on retrying mission in driver (#165)
2020-04-27 notazMerge pull request #160 from J-O-N/fix-neon-cspace...
2020-04-26 J-O-NFixed bug where MSB of a 15-bit BGR color could corrupt...
2020-02-16 notazMerge pull request #156 from pcercuei/fix-gte-divide
2020-02-12 Paul CercueilReplace existing gte_divider with MAME's version
2020-02-11 notazadd some missing license headers
2020-02-11 notazgte_neon: fix compile under clang's assembler
2020-02-11 twinaphexLicense these files as MIT
2020-02-08 notazmenu: fix a buffer overflow
2019-11-19 notazMerge pull request #147 from senquack/cdrom_sstate_fix
2019-11-12 Daniel Silsbycdrom: add missing BCD->int convert in cdrFreeze()
2019-11-11 notazMerge pull request #146 from senquack/gpulib_fix
2019-11-09 Daniel Silsbygpulib: fix out-of-bounds reads in do_cmd_buffer()
2019-08-03 notazMerge pull request #139 from retro-wertz/patch-3
2019-08-03 retro-wertzFix corrupted memory card saves when using HLE
2019-07-24 notazMerge pull request #137 from gameblabla/hle
2019-07-22 gameblablapsxbios: Don't accept 400h as a valid sector.
2019-07-22 gameblablapsxbios: Properly fix garbage area code.
2019-07-21 gameblablapsxbios: Fixup mistake in card_info function.
2019-07-21 gameblablapsxbios: Return value is always 1 for CloseTh and ChangeTh.
2019-07-21 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks for memchr.
2019-07-21 gameblablapsxbios: Some games read from address 0, fix that.
2019-07-21 gameblablapsxbios: Implement get_cd_status stub according to...
2019-07-21 gameblablapsxbios: Make HLE bios start from block 1, not 2.
2019-07-21 gameblablapsxbios: Fix card_status function as to use card_active...
2019-07-21 gameblablapsxbios: Merge interrupt_r26 fix from PCSX4ALL.
2019-07-21 gameblablapsxbios: Do the same for heap_size.
2019-07-20 gameblablapsxbios : Use bfreezel for pad_stopped instead of setti...
2019-07-20 gameblablapsxbios : Implement stub for wait_card.
2019-07-20 gameblablapsxbios : Fix a few mistakes :
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Add note and update copyright.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Merge heap fix from PCSX4ALL.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Init some vars just to be sure.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Merge PCSX4ALL pad_stopped fix.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios.cpp: Add psxBios_card_status(); doesn't seem...
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Fixes save issues on Parasite Eve II, Parasite...
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Callback Events should not set event status...
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Support other syscalls
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks for strlen.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks for strcpy & strncpy.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Fixup free.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks for strcmp & strncmp.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Stub for get_error
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios : Several fixes to malloc.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks for memmove.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios : Add checks to memset.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks to memcpy.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks for bzero.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks for bcopy
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios : Add checks to index and rindex calls
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Merge upstream fix for Deliverevent in firstfile
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Should fix input issues in some games.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Fix out-of-bounds issue.
2019-07-18 gameblablaOnly PCSX4ALL uses ResetIoCycle. Remove it for now.
2019-07-18 gameblablaFixup buread & buwrite being undefined.
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Improve WaitEvent behaviour according to docum...
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios: Better realloc implementation
2019-07-18 gameblablapsxbios : Add checks for strncat
2019-07-17 gameblablapsxbios: Add todigit implementation
2019-07-17 gameblablapsxbios: Adds putc and getc implementation
2019-07-17 gameblablapsxbios: Return 0x1f801814 for gpu_abort_dma
2019-07-17 gameblablapsxbios: Better EnterCiritcal implementation
2019-07-17 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks for card_write, card_read
2019-07-17 gameblablapsxbios: Merging improved card_info function from upstream
2019-07-17 gameblablapsxbios: Merging fixes from upstream.
2019-07-17 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks to PAD_init
2019-07-17 gameblablapsxbios: Add checks to strcat
2019-03-25 notazMerge pull request #127 from retro-wertz/fix_rtps_rtpt
2019-03-25 notazMerge pull request #130 from retro-wertz/patch-1
2019-03-23 retro-wertzgte: change return to s64 for BOUNDS_
2019-03-23 retro-wertzgte: backport fix for RTPS/RTPT
2019-03-12 notazMerge pull request #123 from gameblabla/diablofix_hack
2019-03-09 notazMerge pull request #124 from gameblabla/buildingfixes
2019-03-07 gameblablaFix for compiling it against newer zlib versions.
2019-03-07 gameblablaDiablo Music fix for PCSX Rearmed. (optional hack)
2019-02-19 notazMerge pull request #119 from gameblabla/piofix
2019-02-17 gameblablapsxmem: Reads of PIO Expansion area read all-ones.
2017-10-17 notazMerge pull request #98 from psyke83/master
2017-10-17 Conn O'GriofaRPI: add Mesa override & update vendor library names
2017-05-02 notazuse pc-relative offsets for PIC too
2016-09-30 notazdrc: fix a mistake from w^x change
2016-09-20 notazdrc: some vita and 3ds support
2016-09-20 notazdrc: avoid MAP_FIXED
2016-09-18 notazdrc: try to support w^x platforms like iOS
2016-09-18 notazdrc: remove unnecessary cache flushing
2016-09-18 notazdrc: enable and fix warnings
2016-09-18 notazdrc: mark things static
2016-09-18 notazdrc: strip eol blanks
2016-09-18 notazdrc: drop less obvious dead code
2016-09-18 notazdrc: drop heaps of dead code
2016-07-09 notazlibretro: try to prevent bad builds
2016-03-31 notazfix build on some archs
2016-03-31 notazdon't use __ARM_ARCH_7A__
2016-03-31 notazuse __ARM_ARCH
2016-03-05 notazlarge file support