descriptionSDL with some OMAP hardware support
last changeMon, 30 May 2016 00:24:11 +0000 (03:24 +0300)
2016-05-30 notaztune the preloads a bit master github/master
2016-02-28 notazuse the pandora's vsync ioctl when available
2013-10-16 notazpandora: do automatic layer switching for TV
2013-06-13 notazsupport app icon by reusing x11 sdl code
2013-06-13 notazdon't kill hints on minimize
2013-06-11 notazhandle src buffer underflow corner cases
2013-03-11 Sam LantingaMerged SDL 1.3 revision 5424, fixing a crash in the...
2013-03-11 Ryan C. GordonBackport from 1.3 branch: clean up opened joysticks...
2013-03-11 Sam LantingaHi Sam
2013-03-11 Ryan C. GordonAdd dynamic symbol for _XGetRequest, which libX11 1...
2013-03-11 Andreas MüllerSDL_x11sym.h: add symbols for _XGetRequest
2013-02-14 notazfix incorrect assumption, minor refactoring
2013-02-09 notazNEONize a few more blit types
2013-02-09 notazuse offscreen blitting when SDL_DOUBLEBUF is not set
2013-02-02 notazsupport .unicode of returned events
2013-02-02 notazdelay omapfb layer enable
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