drc: only override default cycle_multiplier
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / frontend / menu.c
2021-11-24 notazdrc: only override default cycle_multiplier
2021-11-22 notazinterpreter: simplify icache implementation
2021-11-22 notazmake icache implementation play nice with the dynarec
2021-11-20 notazdrc,interpreter: add mul/div stalls
2021-11-20 notazdrc/gte: add some stall handling
2021-11-19 notazfrontend: force full recompile on drc setting change
2021-11-14 notazdrc: something works on arm64
2021-10-31 notazassorted warning fixes
2021-10-29 gameblablaNew, separate GPU plugin based on Unai. (#233)
2021-10-02 gameblablaIcache emulation from PCSX Redux + Senquack changes...
2021-09-09 gameblablaARM build fixes. (Should fix building on ARM/GCC10...
2021-08-22 gameblablaFixes Diablo 1 SPU bug properly and remove Diablo hack...
2021-08-16 gameblablaCHD support from libretro's fork. (#188)
2020-02-08 notazmenu: fix a buffer overflow
2019-07-24 notazMerge pull request #137 from gameblabla/hle
2019-03-12 notazMerge pull request #123 from gameblabla/diablofix_hack
2019-03-07 gameblablaDiablo Music fix for PCSX Rearmed. (optional hack)
2016-03-31 notazdon't use __ARM_ARCH_7A__
2016-01-07 notazmenu: fix input config for device names ending with...
2015-01-12 notazrelease r21 r21
2015-01-12 notazfrontend: show C64x option
2015-01-04 notazspu: threaded implementation
2014-12-25 notazrelease r20 r20
2014-12-25 notazfrontend: savestate autoload support
2014-12-25 notazfrontend: scanline efect and memcard saving
2014-12-24 notazfrontend: add 2x scaling option
2014-12-24 notazmenu: file browser fixes
2014-12-20 notazspu: put globals into a structure
2013-03-15 notazfrontend/menu: clean up cht loader
2013-02-08 notazmove cspace back to frontend
2013-01-30 notazfrontend: change how exit is done
2013-01-28 notazange how no memcards are specified
2013-01-28 notazfrontend: path handling fix
2013-01-12 notazfrontend: save gamma too
2013-01-06 notazfrontend: minor menu refactoring
2013-01-06 notazfrontend: get rid of _FILE_OFFSET_BITS
2013-01-06 notazfully reinit drc on change
2013-01-05 notazfrontend: filter more unneeded files in browser
2013-01-02 notazfrontend: remove unneeded hack options
2012-12-23 notazfrontend: switch to libpicofe sdl code
2012-12-02 notazmave plugin and core shared includes to single location
2012-11-17 notazfrontend: initial sdl overlay implementation
2012-11-17 notazfix gun handling in enhancement mode
2012-11-13 notazfix some random corner cases
2012-11-11 notazfrontend: add toggle FPS option
2012-11-10 notazfrontend: avoid loading msg when not needed
2012-11-09 notazfrontend: improve pandora nub to PSX analog mapping
2012-11-06 notazfrontend: make platform menu customizations more explicit
2012-11-06 notazfrontend: add fast forward support
2012-11-05 notazswitch over to libpicofe
2012-11-02 notazMerge branch 'enhancement'
2012-11-02 notazmove blit to core, allow filtering while blitting
2012-10-11 notazfrontend: add renderer toggle option
2012-10-11 notazadd support for software-enhanced rendering
2012-09-12 notazsilence some 64bit related warnings
2012-09-12 notazMerge branch 'libretro'
2012-08-15 notazfrontend: move layer size code
2012-08-15 notazfrontend: save last cdimg on successful select
2012-08-01 notazrelease r15 r15
2012-07-31 notazfrontend: track output and psx sizes separately
2012-07-22 notazfrontend: always save last cdimgpath
2012-07-22 notazfrontend: initial cheats support
2012-07-22 notazfrontend: support seeking the filelist with letter...
2012-07-18 notazgpulib: implement rgb888_to_rgb565
2012-07-18 notazfrontend: avoid potential alignment fault
2012-07-08 notazspu: get rid of iSPUIRQWait
2012-07-08 notazspu: remove all threading code
2012-07-08 notazfrontend: move some leftover pandora parts out of commo...
2012-05-27 notazfrontend: minor tweaks
2012-05-27 notazautomatically build plugins
2012-04-29 notazfrontend: some menu adjustments
2012-04-29 notazfrontend: generic: preliminary SDL support
2012-04-29 notazfrontend: clean up some hacks
2012-03-04 notazfrontend: save gpu-gles settings too
2012-02-27 notazfrontend: add an option to disable scaling (Caanoo)
2012-01-19 notazfrontend: add gles plugin options
2012-01-18 notazrefactor gpu plugins and Makefiles
2012-01-08 notazrelease r13 r13
2012-01-08 notazfrontend: add minimize support
2012-01-04 notazgpu_neon: add some intelace mode handling
2011-12-24 notazrelease r12 r12
2011-12-21 notazgpu_neon: integrate Exophase's rasterizer
2011-12-19 notazgpu_neon: make use of unai's lineskip mode
2011-12-11 notazfrontend: menu: show savestate date
2011-12-10 notazgpu_neon: tune frameskip further, allow >1
2011-12-10 notazfrontend: make analogs configurable
2011-12-10 notazadd vibration support for Caanoo
2011-12-05 notazfrontend: get rid of plat_rescan_inputs
2011-12-04 notazfrontend: show a message while BIOS is booting
2011-10-30 notazcdriso: support multidisk eboots
2011-10-30 notazfrontend: input driver and volume control for Wiz
2011-10-30 notazfrontend: move defconfig to main
2011-10-30 notazfrontend: minor menu adjustments
2011-10-30 notazdrc: add some hack options
2011-10-30 notazinline/parametrize rootcounter reads
2011-10-09 notazrelease r10, for real r10
2011-10-09 notazfrontend: fix integer-prefer scaler
2011-10-09 notazuse faster PSX clock on armv7 devices
2011-10-09 notaznew ability to adjust psx cpu clock
2011-10-02 notazyet more random armv5 tweaks