frontend: update libpicofe
[pcsx_rearmed.git] / frontend / plat_sdl.c
2014-12-20 notazfrontend: update libpicofe
2013-03-15 notazfrontend: sdl fixes
2013-02-08 notazmove cspace back to frontend
2013-02-06 notazattempt to make gles plugin work under RPi
2013-01-30 notazfrontend: change how exit is done
2012-12-23 notazbump libpicofe for r-pi gl code
2012-12-23 notazfrontend: switch to libpicofe sdl code
2012-11-18 notazfrontend: sdl: autodisable overlay if not accelerated
2012-11-17 notazfrontend: overlay improvements
2012-11-17 notazfrontend: initial sdl overlay implementation
2012-11-11 notazfrontend: add toggle FPS option
2012-11-06 notazfrontend: add fast forward support
2012-11-05 notazswitch over to libpicofe
2012-07-08 notazfrontend: move some leftover pandora parts out of commo...
2012-05-27 notazfrontend: minor tweaks
2012-04-29 notazgpu plugins: always support 16bpp blit
2012-04-29 notazfrontend: input: pass default binds as argument
2012-04-29 notazfrontend: generic: preliminary SDL support