Development stuff


Over time, I've written some technical documentation about classic hardware and things related to it.
svpdoc.txt - a document describing Sega Virtua Processor
picodoc.txt - a document describing Sega Pico, an MegaDrive-based electronic toy
md_pinouts.txt - yet another pinout of MD cart and exp slot
megaednotes.txt - Mega Everdrive register documentation for v9 firmware

Generic stuff

SDL video driver that makes use of some omapfb features. Currently has doublebuffering, vsync and hardware scaling support.

wARM library
wARM is a combination of a library and Linux kernel module for ARM processor cache control. It provides higher level of control then ARM Linux kernel, this includes changing C and B bits for memory regions. r2 version only supports ARM9 and was tested on GP2X and Wiz handhelds.
download r2


This is a simple tool for setting various timings on Wiz, which can also be compiled into your program. It takes special string as an argument, which can be loaded from user modifyable place (to avoid hardcoding stuff). Currently it can change display timings, RAM timings and CPU clock.
download r1

MMU hack
MMU hack - kernel module to make upper memory cacheable and bufferable. Useful when porting stuff from GP2X (only need to change the insmod part to use .ko), tested on 1.0-1.1 firmwares. Check GP2X version for more information.
download r3