notaz's hardware

This is a small collection of photos of various devices I have or had access to. I like to take apart most of those things, sometimes I even do some minor mods. These images are released under Creative Commons Attribution license, so you are free to copy them as long as you credit me (GraÅžvydas Ignotas).

GP2X Wiz

One of late GP2X Wiz prototypes with it's OLED screen and developer's board.

GP2X F100

This is GPH GP2X F100 with DaveC's dpad mod applied. It also has a wire near DC connector to work around broken DC/battery switch (which is stuck in "DC connected" state, so that batteries can be used).

GP2X F200

GPH GP2X F200. Has touchscreen and improved d-pad, but missing netchip (USB networking) chip which made F100 so attractive to developers. Supposed to have the same screen as F100, but my unit has interlacing problems for some unknown reason.

Sega Mega Drive (model 1)

My model1 MegaDrive, where I run my emulation tests. Custom switches are (from left to right): 50/60Hz, Jap/World, CART_IN, mark3_mode.

Sega Mega CD (model 2)

So much hardware for a system used as a CD player by most games. Has a small board attached with some inverters, probably fixes some desing bug.

Sega 32X

Another megadrive addon, died shortly after it's release so never got much games. Last image is my customized 3A power adaptor used to power all sega systems above.

Virtua Racing cartridge

European version, although I doubt other regions differ much, except ROM contents. Notice that rather unusual Sega logo on the main chip, it was actually produced by Samsung for Sega.

"MX dev" 4MiB flash cart

This is flash cart for running things on my MegaDrive. Made by some russian fellows from SpritesMind forum.

My expansion port memory device

This is simple device for running things from MegaDrive's expansion port. Made of 2 8-bit 32kiB FeRAM chips, acting as universal memory in MegaDrive (runs as fast as main RAM and retains data after power off).