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Noiz2sa is an abstract shootem up game by Kenta Cho. Port based on GP2X version.
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gpSP Wiz port
This is my port of Exophase's GBA emulator.
download 0.9-2Xb-u6   source
download 0.9-2Xb-u5
download 0.9-2Xb-u4


SDHC support for GP2X 2.1.1 firmware kernel
This is a patched Linux kernel for 2.1.1 GP2X firmware, which enables GP2X to work with some high capacity SD cards. See this thread for some test reports and more information. Be sure to read the included readme ir you are going to use this.
download   source patch for this kernel

gpSP update
My improved version of Exophase's original release.
download 0.9-2Xb-u6   source

Noiz2sa v3 for GP2X
Noiz2sa is an abstract shootem up game by Kenta Cho.
It was ported by hc232 from Chui's Dreamcast version and optimized by me.
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My optimization work on UAE4ALL (Chui's Amiga500 emulator) GP2X port.
download 0.7.2a   source code
download 0.7.1
download 0.7.0

gshot for GP2X
Screenshot tool for GP2X. Runs in the background and waits for a button press (or combo). Can also be used from commmand line. See some screenshots taken with this tool.
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ramview for GP2X
Semi-useless tool to view RAM contents as an image.

USB gamepad test for GP2X
A simple program for testing USB gamepads, connected through cradle/bob/USB host cable.


Snes9x for UIQ2
Snes9x UIQ2 is a port of OpenSnes9xGP, which itself is modified Snes9x emulator for GP32.
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