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2PCSX-ReARMed - yet another PCSX fork
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10PCSX ReARMed is yet another PCSX fork based on the PCSX-Reloaded project,
11which itself contains code from PCSX, PCSX-df and PCSX-Revolution. This
12version is ARM architecture oriented and features MIPS->ARM recompiler by
13Ari64. It was created for Pandora handheld, but should be usable on other
14devices after some code adjustments.
c9dbba7f 16PCSX ReARMed features GPU plugin from PCSX4ALL project.
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22This version features a framebuffer driven menu that can be used to run
23games and configure the emulator.
33716956 25Supported CD image formats:
f932e54b 26- .bin/.cue
27- .bin/.toc
28- .img/.ccd/.sub
29- .mdf/.mds
303ee308 30- .Z/.Z.table
33716956 31- .bz/.bz.table
32- .ZNX/.ZNX.table (partial)
33- EBOOT.PBP (PSP, partial)
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35CDDA (CD audio) support requires .cue/.bin format.
c9dbba7f 37The emulator can simulate BIOS, which means BIOS files are not required,
38however implementation is not complete and some games still need real BIOS
39to work. To use real BIOS, copy uncompressed BIOS files to
40[sd card]/pandora/appdata/pcsx_rearmed/bios/
41then select the BIOS you want to use in Options->BIOS/Plugins menu.
799b0b87 43Analog controllers are supported using nubs, but this is disabled by
44default and needs to be enabled in 'Controls' menu.
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ee78346e 47Plugins
50GPU (graphics) and SPU (sound) plugins can be selected in
51[BIOS/Plugins] menu:
53builtin_gpu - the P.E.Op.S. GPU plugin, most accurate but slow. - plugin from PCSX4ALL project. Faster but has some glitches. - experimental port of P.E.Op.S. MesaGL plugin to OpenGL ES.
56 Occasionally faster but has lots of glitches and seems to
57 be rather unstable (may crash the system).
58builtin_spu - P.E.Op.S. SPU plugin, most accurate but slow. - NULL plugin, i.e. no sound emulation.
9af2e936 62Changelog
acb57d8d 65r6 (2011-02-10)
66+ added analog controller support using nubs (disabled by default)
67+ added control config saving
68+ added support for ingame actions (eg. savestate load)
69+ added 'auto' region option and made it default
70+ added cd swap functionality
71+ added maemo frontend from Bonapart
72 (with some tuning, source code only)
73* reworked key configuration to be less confusing
74* fixed 'SPU IRQ wait' option sometimes causing noise
75 and turned it on by default
76* fixed mono xa masking (was causing noise)
77* fixed word access macros in dfxvideo (darkness problem)
78* changed GPU DMA timing back to 1.92 levels
79* backported more fixes from PCSX-Reloaded project
80 (mostly shalma's work, see GIT)
81* fixed a few more recompiler issues
82+ fixed frameskip in builtin plugin
5b09a334 84r5 (2011-01-31)
85+ added support for .bz format, also partial support for
86 .znx and eboot.pbp formats
87+ merged latest cdrom code from PCSX-Reloaded project
88* fixed remaining savestate incompatibilities between PCSX4ALL
89 and P.E.Op.S. GPU plugins
90* fixed channel disable preventing irqs in P.E.Op.S. SPU plugin
91* fixed some alignment issues
92+ added handling for branches in delay slots
93+ fixed some unexpected drops to menu
94* fixed lots of recompiler related issues (see GIT)
95+ added watchdog thread to detect emulator lockups
96* minor frontend adjustments
c9dbba7f 98r4 (2011-01-15)
99+ added real BIOS support (and various things for it to work)
100* fixed various recompiler issues
101+ added interpreter option (useful to overcome dynarec bugs)
102* fixed some memory card related issues with HLE bios
103* rewrote frame limiter (old was sometimes sleeping needlessly)
ee78346e 105r3 (2011-01-05):
106+ added Pickle's port of gpu-gles from psx4m project
107+ added PCSX4ALL gpu as a plugin
108* improved gpu plugin support
109+ added savestate preview
110* various frontend fixes
112r2 (2010-12-29):
9af2e936 113* fixed memcard paths
114* fixed a keybind copy-paste bug
115* properly implemented pad handling
ee78346e 116 (inputs no longer control both emulated pads at once)
9af2e936 117* fixed a crash caused by framebuffer out of range access
118* fixed SWL/SWR handling (usually resulted in graphic glitches)
119* fixed BxxZAL (Medal of Honor)
120* fixed alignment crash in color space conversion code (Lunar)
121* fixed SWC2 occasional use of wrong address register (Parasite Eve)
122* fixed firstfile() handling in HLE BIOS (broken memory cards in some games)
123+ added per-game configs (controls still not saved though)
124+ added simple plugin select interface to the menu
ee78346e 126r1 (2010-12-25):
9af2e936 127* initial release
303ee308 130Credits / License
f932e54b 133Emulator core:
303ee308 135(C) 1999-2003 PCSX Team
6b8a7b88 136 (c) 1998 Vision Thing
137 Linuzappz <>
138 Shadow <>
139 Pete Bernett <>
140 NoComp <>
141 Nik3d
142 Akumax <>
303ee308 144(C) 2005-2009 PCSX-df Team
6b8a7b88 145 (c) Ryan Schultz <>
146 (c) Andrew Burton <>
147 (c) Stephen Chao <>
148 (c) Marcus Comstedt <>
149 Stefan Sikora <>
303ee308 151(C) 2009-2010 PCSX-Reloaded Team
6b8a7b88 152 edgbla (Root counters, various core/plugin fixes)
153 Firnis (GTE code from PCSX-Revolution Project)
154 Gabriele Gorla (MDEC decoder)
6b8a7b88 155 Peter Collingbourne (Various core/psxbios fixes)
ee78346e 156 Dario, NeToU, siveritas (Various bugfixes)
6b8a7b88 157 shalma (GTE Divider, various core fixes)
6b8a7b88 158 Wei Mingzhi (Maintainer, input plugin, iso/cheat support, misc stuff)
ee78346e 160PCSX4ALL GPU plugin:
161 (C) 2010 PCSX4ALL Team
162 (C) 2010 Unai
163 Franxis <>
164 Chui <>
166GLES plugin (psx4m project):
f932e54b 167 (C) 1999-2009 by Pete Bernert
168 EQ
169 Olli Hinkka
170 Proger
171 Pickle
173builtin GPU/SPU plugins:
174 Pete Bernert and the P.E.Op.S. team
176MIPS->ARM recompiler:
177 (C) 2009-2010 Ari64
6b8a7b88 178
f932e54b 179integration, optimization and frontend:
180 (C) 2010-2011 notaz
303ee308 181
182Source code is released under GNU GPL license, version 2 or later.
183See COPYING included in the archive (.pnd can be extracted using unsquashfs).
184The source code is available in a GIT repository at: